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Siedle Vario pedestals combine the freedom of column architecture with complete modular flexibility. Modules are added to the entry station as needed, enabling the client to select the precise combination that best suites the environment.


Address numbers, lighting, video surveillance, door communication, access control and a letterbox combine to provide a complete entrance solution. Vario pedestals may be outfitted with several different styles of letterbox and are available in a range of standard and custom colors.

In addition to the standard Vario free-standing pedestals, Siedle also offers a slimline model that is designed to offer greater installation flexibility. With a 50 mm housing, the low-profile Vario creates an elegant appearance that can be positioned in tight spaces or indoor locations.



The Siedle communication pedestal makes a bold statement in any architectural environment. Designed to leave a striking impression, they share a singular purpose: to consolidate a host of functions and features into a single platform that is as distinctive and stylish as it is smart. Siedle's principles of symmetry and balance remain uncompromised in the production of their pedestals, embodying clean linear design with advanced functionality.

As part of a building's appearance, a communication pedestal should blend with the surrounding architectural and landscape aesthetics. To achieve this objective, Siedle has provided a wide range of pedestal options, starting with distinct style lines corresponding to the Vario and Steel product categories. In addition to these variations in form, a wide range of integrated modules are available to address even the most complex environments.


Siedle Steel is in a class of its own. Clean linear geometry, smooth metal surfaces and hidden fixtures contribute to a uniquely streamlined appearance. When those elements combine with the physical presence of a free-standing column, the result is stunning achievement that remains unmatched in the world of communication devices.

As with other entry stations in the Siedle product line, a Steel pedestal starts its life as a custom drawing, developed based on the client's specific project and designed with their aesthetic goals in mind. Functional modules are chosen, base materials selected and finish options decided, at which point Siedle begins the meticulous process of designing the final product - a work of art formed out of steel.


Modern entry stations provide a range of functions - communications, surveillance, access control and information.  While these tasks are important, Siedle also recognizes the need to minimize the number of devices present at the entrance to achieve a clean, modern appearance. 

Nothing achieves this goal of clean consolidation and sophisticated simplicity better than a Steel pedestal that also includes a letterbox. With a waterproof letter flap on the front and a locked retrieval box in the rear, the Steel pedestal provides the user with a stunning aesthetic statement, an effective means of communication, a reliable means of access control and a secure source for mail.


While every pedestal is designed to leave an impression, Siedle's ultimate objective is to provide the end-user with a product that exceeds expectations. Toward this end, attention to detail extends from the selection of materials to the methods of fabrication. For instance, the type and grade of stainless steel in entry stations is selected specifically for its rust and corrosion resistance, as well as its strength. High grade bronze and aluminum base materials are similarly chosen for their aesthetic features and durability.

While entry station faceplates are initially sculpted with laser cutting machines, every pedestal is also provided with a high level of hands-on human attention at each stage, ensuring that it has been assembled and fitted by a person with the highest degree of attention and care.

This combination of exemplary innovation, precision assembly and client care has earned Siedle its position as a global brand and internationally recognized symbol of communications excellence.

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