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All Vario entry stations are fabricated from high-grade aluminum to prevent oxidation, and painted with an acrylic enamel to achieve a lasting finish. Siedle Vario is available in four standard colors including white, silver metallic, anthracite grey and micaceous dark grey.


In addition to these standard colors, Siedle Vario can also be provided with a custom color, selected from the European RAL color standard and providing control over the hue, finish and texture of the final product. This offers property owners and architects the chance to perfectly coordinate a Vario entry station with the architecture and environment.


With designs that defy convention and engineering that is second to none, Siedle has established a legacy of excellence.  From traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, Siedle's engineers, designers and fabrication specialists work closely at every stage of development and manufacturing to ensure that final product meets the exacting precision and finish that define all of their products.



Siedle's Vario line of entry stations represents German design and innovation at its best. Each entry station begins as a blank canvas, allowing the user to select the specific modules that best suit the application. One call button or multiple buttons? Standard camera or wide angle? Keypad, card reader or fingerprint scanner? Siedle Vario is able to offer virtually any combination of functional modules in a sophisticated modern housing that is as beautiful as it is functional.

In addition to providing a wide range of entry modules, the Vario line is available in a number of different form factors as well. Flush mounted, surface mounted, embedded in glass or free-standing as a pedestal, the entry station can be integrated in virtually any environment and consolidate a number of separate functions into a single, award-winning framework. Siedle's Vario line effortlessly merges the modular flexibility with unparalleled design excellence.


Siedle's functional modules cover just about every conceivable task when it comes to entryway communication. Being the epitome of good modular design, Vario enables homeowners to select the specific array of modules that best address the environment, with virtually no limit to the number of modules selected.

Flexible mounting hardware and trim options enable a Vario entry station to range in size from a single module to a complete communication system with communication, video, lighting, signage and letterbox components. For a complete list of modules, visit our Siedle module page linked below.​


Every Siedle is unique. They are as unique as each of the homes and businesses for which they are designed. To address this variety of environments, Siedle developed a wide range of mounting platforms to host the Vario's line of modules.

One of these platforms is the Vario pedestal. The communication pedestal places door communication, access control, video surveillance and other functional elements at precisely the right height. It's all combined in a single installation and located in the ideal ergonomic position. The perfect solution for a driveway or entrance where mounting surfaces are limited.


As with most of Siedle's entry stations, a vast selection of combinations is available. From an wide array of custom colors to individualized signage, lighting and function, each personalized entry station is as unique as its owner.

Inspiration can spring from a variety of sources.  One of these sources is the design success and creativity of other individuals who have made Siedle a part of their homes and businesses. To this end, we enjoy sharing images of Siedle's products featured in customer’s homes, interior design and architectural projects from around the world. For a sample of Vario entry stations, visit our Siedle Vario gallery linked below.​

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